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The Kleinschnittger!

The Microcar and Minicar Classic event is the largest meet for truly exotic cars like this all-aluminum Kleinschnittger F-125 Roadster.


Nearly everyone has seen a Ferrari, but when was the last time you met someone who had run their eyes and hands over the sensuous curves of a Kleinschnittger F125 Roadster?

Designed by Paul Kleinschnittger, a scrap aluminum dealer, who thought he could capture the microcar market by manufacturing a lightweight aluminum car which would be lighter and faster than the competition. The car is only 114 inches long and 46 inches wide. It has an ILO 125cc two stroke engine which produces a sizzling 5 horsepower, and drives the FRONT wheels through a three speed internal gearbox! There is no reverse. You must get out and push it backwards! They were made from 1950 through 1957

Only 2,980 of these 360 pound F125 roadsters were manufactured and less than 100 original cars are believed to survive today. They were never formally imported into the United States and there are probably only two or three in this country.


Who says you need lights, wipers, a hood or BRAKES to pass inspection?


I like a car that is so low that you don't even need doors. In fact, I am intimidated by any vehicle whose hood is higher than my knees!


Jeep Grand Cherokee provides appropriate perspective for diminutive size of Kleinschnittger.

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(last update: 6/4/2011)