Photo: Kathryn Maier

Previous Microcar Events

It's been TWENTY-THREE glorious years! Still one of the finest meets in the land for microcars and minicars, their owners, and all the people who enjoy them.

The 23nd was "lit, yo!" 23rd Gould's Classic. MAN, did we get the weather! WOOO!

The 22nd was great, you bet! 22nd Gould's Classic

Rainy mountain climbing, but warmth every other day, every other way! 21st Gould's Classic.

The gods of the odd vehicles gave us fine weather for the 20th Gould's Classic.

See videos and pics of the 19th Gould's Classic.

We sure loved the the Eighteenth!

It was hot, literally and figuratively! Check out #17 in pictures and video.

The 16th! What. A. Great. Event. See 2011 here!

Here's the 15th! It rained hard on Saturday, but it was STILL a kick. Pics from 2010 are abundant and beautiful.

Pictures from the 14th! Gould's Microcar Event 2009.

A new radio interview and pictures are up from the 13th! Microcar and Minicar Classic 2008... the show is still on a roll!

Pictures, and a radio interview, from the 12th ARE UP! Microcar and Minicar Classic 2007. Another stunning success!

It's the 11th! Check it out. Microcar and Minicar Classic 2006. Sunny days, fun, and friends.

It's the TENTH! Check it out. Microcar and Minicar Classic 2005 and the 14th National Microcar and Minicar Meet. The rain held off!

Good stuff yet again. Microcar and Minicar Classic 2004.

Microcar and Minicar Classic 2003 was super! It just keeps getting better!

The weather was spectacular. Microcar and Minicar Classic 2002 was terrific!

Microcar and Minicar Classic 2001 was a blast.

Oodles of pictures are up on this page for 2000.

We also have pretty terrific stories from this page for 1999.

There's some photos of the past classics at this page for 1996 and at this page for 1997 from Max Hall's home page.

To help you understand what this is all about, you may want to look at one of the organizations which is very well represented, the Microcar and Minicar Club.

Some of the national meets which have found immortality on the web:

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