The 19th Gould's Microcar Event
July 11, 12, and 13, 2014


We want your pics and clips from this year's Classic, too! Contact Charles or me, Max, your Web man.

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This page last updated August 19, 2014.

Thanks to all of our photo and video contributors!


The first person to post pics this year is also the person to come FARTHEST to attend, Sellma P... from the Balkans to Brookline!

240 really nice pix right here

on facebook. Safe travels, Sellma!



Great video!

Gavin driving a Messerschmitt for the first time..

and showing aptitude!



From Charles Gould himself,

32 awesome photos

on facebook. Yeah!

Thanks, George B, for another submission of great photos this year!

172 beauties

on facebook

Jacques B!

21 fine images

on facebook

David S!

29 art pieces

on facebook



Rob V!

33 beauties

on flickr



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